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Tantra Yoga

Tantric Yoga has gotten a bit of a racy reputation in the modern-day yoga world, but if we understood what Tantric Yoga is, we’d realize that we are actually practicing it in most classes. Tantric Yogis were the ones who made the body the focus of the practice, as opposed to classical Yogis who made the mind the focus of the practice. Tantra also has a different view on life than some classical philosophies. Whereas some schools talk about life as inherently suffering, Tantrics say it is inherently beautiful. It may just be semantics, but Tantrics believe in the power of energy in everything, including our words. They both have the same goals, just different approaches that work really well together in our modern practice.

The techniques that Tantric Yogis use in the physical practice are more than just asana. Asana moves energy (life force) around for sure, but bandhas, mudras, mantras and pranayama harness that energy in a way that builds internal power and clarity. The meditation techniques expand on the physical techniques to create an efficient, potent practice that is so much more than just fitness asana.

We will meet for 6 days to explore the techniques the Tantric sages handed down. Please note that the first day we meet on Sunday Dec, 1- From 10:45-11:45 am. All other days we meet at 6::am.

Day 1: A lecture on the history and background of Tantra Yoga, an overview of our daily topics practiced the Tantric way. A 30-minute Yoga Nidra Practice
Day 2: A full practice with the emphasis on Pranayama
Day 3: A full practice with the emphasis on Bandhas
Day 4: A full practice with the emphasis on Mudra
Day 5: A full practice with the emphasis on Mantra
Day 6: A full practice with the emphasis on Meditation

*A full practice will not be primarily asana but postures it will be incorporated in each class as an aid to each topic and will be in a Hatha Flow style.

Investment $120.00 - $100 for CHY Auto Renew Members - $140 After Nov. 20

Earlier Event: October 19
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